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Dogwood Fabric
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New 2014 Spring Collections!

Megan and Cheryl went to a table top event on behalf of Roman Interior Design.  They had to have a first look at some of our vendors’ new Spring collections!  We’ve decided to let you have a glimpse of the day’s events and previews.  If you see something you like, don’t hesitate to call us.  We’re more than happy to help!  Without further ado, the Spring Collections:

Our first stop brought us to Dogwood Fabrics where they had an amazing bamboo and linen blend fabric that was amazingly soft.  Megan and Cheryl absolutely loved it!  They also loved the embroidered fabrics Dogwood is now carrying.

Dogwood Fabric

Fabricut had one of their favorite fabrics — square studded fabric which is perfect for unique drapery.  Fabricut also had some really unique trim for your furniture and drapery.  Some made out of paper!


Robert Allen always has beautiful fabrics.  Megan and Cheryl particularly liked the sequined fabric.  It was beautiful.  Robert Allen’s faux fur was great as well.  It is super soft, unlike many other faux furs we have come across.  They were very high end and luxurious feeling.  Perfect for a throw!

Robert Allen

Thibaut had some really great patterns.  The geometric patterns, from their “Graphic Resource” line, are really in right now.  The light blue wallpaper is definitely a nice way to go to add interest to your room.  It’s light and airy, which Megan and Cheryl love.



From their “Enchantment” line, we see large patterns.  Large patterns definitely make a statement.


Megan and Cheryl saw a lot of watercolor type patterns, they were gorgeous!  Check these out from Coco RM.

Coco RM

JF Fabrics were showing off lots of graphic patterns. (Really trendy right now!)

JF Fabrics

Schumacher, as always, has beautifully elegant designs.  We love everything about the spring collection.


Some really interesting things are coming out of Spain!  These bold patterns and colors are really popular over there (more graphic patterns).

Spain Patterns

We also noticed some very traditional patterns making their way back into style.  Duralee did a great job of showcasing some of them; of course they still had some more contemporary patterns.


Megan and Cheryl learning about Duralee's new collections.

Megan and Cheryl learning about Duralee’s new collections.

This was Cheryl’s favorite.  This board featured a lot of glittery, glamorous and sparkly fabrics.  This is another popular fashion.  Megan and Cheryl ran into numerous brands that are carrying this type of fabric, in one way or another.

Cheryl's favorite pattern.

Cheryl’s favorite pattern.

This was another favorite line.  Link carries great outdoor fabric.  What made this great, it was fun!  We love the bright colors, and the patterns.  So often in Florida we have the typical “Florida patterns”.  These will make your pool deck fantastic.  Another plus, you can bleach these, and they’re mildew and mold resistant!  They also carry indoor items, such as these trims and bright fabrics.



Some of the vendors handed out booklets so designers could see some of their collections they were unable to show.  We’re going to share those too!


Manuel Canovas has some beautiful items:

Manuel Canovas

The “All About Me!” line from Harlequin is absolutely adorable and really energetic.  It is one of our favorite collections, perfect for kids!

All About Me

Harlequin also has a really elegant line of wallpaper and fabrics, “Poetica”.


One of Megan’s favorite wallpaper and fabric lines comes from Walker Greenbank.  They have very unique styles.  They have a lot of metallics, great statement pieces on areas such as accent walls!

Walker Greenbank

Sanderson has a line that features some great watercolor items.  Check out this wallpaper and coordinating fabric.  How wild is that peacock wallpaper and fabric?!


And last but not least, Morris and Co.  This company is great if you’re looking to do a historic home.  They reproduce original wallpaper!

This sample is from 1890!

Morris and Co.

Megan and Cheryl finished the day with an amazing lunch with sandwiches, fruit, and delicious desserts.  Interiors Trading in Orlando put on a wonderful event, we can’t wait to see the next season of collections!  These pictures don’t do the fabrics and wallpapers justice, so be sure to call us or email us and see what we can create for you!




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